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The great variety of cadena supporting materials allows teachers to find extra resources to use. Mosaic gives you the resources to bring the right level of variety into your lessons. Enabling your students to achieve greater confidence and fluency in English. Whatever the level of their students. Catering for a variety of interests that keep lessons fresh grindelwald and motivation levels high. Units cover a range of minitopics. No two lessons are the same when you use Mosaic..

Allow you to manage the pace and variety of each lesson to keep students focused. Games and a unique video offer. Photocopiable Student’s SelfAssessment Checklists, optional resources on the iPack, the Workbook answer key. Authentic topics feature real events and people that students can find out more about online. Including grammar animations..

Teaching notes and answer keys for all the Student’s Book material. And language notes, cultural information, key competences, mixedability and other areas of interest. An introduction with information about the methodology of the course. A fresh approach TO learning english, background notes..

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